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Photo – Local Liverpool fan finds a genius way to protest against military coup in Myanmar

Photo – Local Liverpool fan finds a genius way to protest against military coup in Myanmar

Football unites people all over the world for a common cause, and the most ardent fans of the game always find a genius way to interpolate themes of football into their lives and everything else.

Such an instance of a fan interpolating a football theme into their life took place very recently when a few local Liverpool fans found innovative means to protest against the military coup taking place in the country of Myanmar at the moment.

The picture of a local protestor holding up a placard in the protests in Myanmar has gone viral on social media platforms, because of the hilarity of his message. The protestor is seen to be in a Liverpool jersey, holding up a banner which reads “I hate military coup more than I hate Manchester United.”

The long-standing rivalry between the two most successful clubs in England is no new theme for any football follower, as both the clubs’ fans are known for hating their respective opponents well beyond redemption on a North-west Derby afternoon – or any other time, on any other day of the year. The Merseyside and Manchester outfits have had a combined total of 39 titles in the English top-flight, and their fabled and spiteful rivalry dates back to decades ago.

Thousands of people have taken to the streets across the Asian country of Myanmar to protest against a coup by the armed forces.

The police have responded with water cannon, rubber bullets and live ammunition, causing full-fledged chaos on the streets. The gravity of the situation is intense enough for the aforementioned Liverpool supporter to hate it more than he hates their eternal rivals – and that should say a lot about the way things are right now.