Sudanese people watch Man United v Barcelona live amidst an ongoing revolution

Whilst most football fans around the world make the sport their only source of motivation, purpose and happiness, all within the bubble that is the football community, one must not forget that the world is much bigger than that and that there are much bigger concerns that need to be addressed.

One such issue that’s been in the news is the revolution that is taking place in Sudan. The people’s revolution is still in full swing having started in December 2018, due to the skyrocketing cost of living and the deteriorating economy.

The Sudanese people utilized more peaceful methods to bring about change and reform, sending the message out to the government through strikes, protests, sit-ins, social media awareness, and occasionally arson as a last resort.

A recent video and set of photos of a young woman leading the protests and calling the chants has surfaced and it has been hailed as the “Picture of the Revolution”.

Have a look for yourself to get a feel the emotions from this powerful video.

Coming to something more football-relevant in Sudan, another picture that is sure to go viral is one of the Sudanese protesters watching the UCL quarter-final first leg between Manchester United and Barcelona.

A picture that recently made its appearance online shows Sudanese protesters, who were observing a sit-in, watching the Old Trafford leg of the tie on screens that they had set up at the gathering. Football can be revolutionary too, right?

A powerful picture indeed, it shows thousands of Sudanese people engrossed in the action. Despite a 1-0 scoreline to Barcelona, the game was quite exciting to watch.

Luke Shaw’s own goal was the difference in the end, but the tie is well and truly up for grabs as United grew into the game after the goal, producing a solid second half display.

If the performance that United displayed is anything to go by, then Barca have a tough challenge in a week’s time as they host the second leg of the tie.

And with Sudan’s revolution kicking on in high gear and making a positive difference with each passing day, one can be sure to expect a pause in proceedings as Sudanese protesters, and football fans in general take a moment to engulf themselves in the experience that is, Barcelona versus Manchester United.

It goes to show that football is a universal language that binds us together.