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Now Raheem Sterling is being labelled a racist for doing a genuinely decent act

Raheem Sterling is having the season of his life at the moment. Incredible stats such as 15 goals and 9 assists in the league have been paramount in Manchester City’s title charge this season. Still learning and constantly improving under Pep Guardiola, Raheem is a serious talent to watch out for.

With City performing exceptionally well and still in contention for the quadruple, it’s no surprise that you get to hear Sterling’s name in the news every now and then.

All those stellar performances in City blue were carried over to national duty, as Raheem was involved in 5 goals for England’s Euro qualifiers, scoring 4 and assisting 1 in the two games against the Czech Republic and Montenegro.

And it was that game in Montenegro that wreaked havoc, with Sterling and Danny Rose being racially abused by the home support. With Sterling disgusted that racism is still a thing in this day and age, he called for immediate and strict action against racism and is now at the forefront of “No Room for Racism” campaign.

While that campaign gathers steam, Raheem also made headlines in a sentimental gesture, when he personally paid for tickets to City’s FA Cup semifinal against Brighton at Wembley for 550 students of the Ark Elvin Academy, where he was a student himself.

It was a gesture that was well received by the entire football community, and one that made a lot of Ark Elvin pupils happy.

Sterling has stated that he wanted to give the kids the opportunity to visit and experience Wembley, as he did, and gave an account of his childhood experience at Wembley.

But while this is considered a class gesture by most, some are mocking Sterling, as most of the kids who got the tickets were from an ethnic minority.

Some on social media went berserk when they found out about this, and the reaction is shocking; with them calling out Sterling for his so-called “ignorance” towards the ethnic majority. T

his has left the rest of the community in utter disgust of the naysayers, in a situation that can only be termed “pathetic”. It just shows how dense people are, to a serious issue that is plaguing football, and the world.

And whilst Sterling is not to blame for this situation, it does beg the bigger questions: When will racism be kicked out of football? What action must be taken in order to put an end to racism?

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  1. Alphie says:

    Sick people do and say sick things.
    Raheem is above all of that.

  2. Alphie says:

    Sick people do and say sick things.
    Raheem is above all of that.