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Photo – Crewe fan climbs a ladder outside Alexandra Stadium to watch their game against Charlton

Photo – Crewe fan climbs a ladder outside Alexandra Stadium to watch their game against Charlton

Football in times of Covid

League One sides Crewe Alexandra and Charlton Athletic played against each other in an empty stadium with no fans due to new rules in place for the worldwide pandemic, but for a genius bit of move from one particular fan whose dedication and love for the sport has been widely admired by social media.

The picture of an unnamed man who climbed up a ladder to watch the game from over the Emergency Exit wall of the Alexandra Stadium in Crewe has gone viral on social media platforms, as the man’s genius has been acknowledged by Twitter.

Unfortunately his effort to watch Crewe win the Football League One game was in vain, as it ended as a 2-0 away win for Charlton.

It’s been only a little over a month since normal footballing routine resumed in England after months of lockdown caused due to the COVID-19, and there have been a lot of new rules that has been implemented, including the absence of an audience as per law concerned with public gatherings.

Naturally the regular home support, used to cheering their team on every time they step onto the field in normal circumstances, have been deprived of the opportunity to do so once again for the new football season.

As football fans have been getting used to the new normal with time, it clearly has not gone down too well with the aforementioned man who climbed a ladder to sneak a glance at his favourite team play.

Football is a sport that requires the intensity and atmosphere which nobody else but the fans can provide, and the day when crowds finally can come back in attendance at their respective hallowed grounds will be a memorable day to witness and remember.

Check out the photo of the genius Crewe fan below –

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