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Look: Neymar Meets Lisa Of Blackpink, A Superpoular K-pop Group

Look: Neymar Meets Lisa Of Blackpink, A Superpoular K-pop Group

Paris Saint Germain superstar Neymar Jr usually dominates the news headlines, be it through his awesome performances on the pitch, or the wonderful displays of skill and wizardry he’s so well known for. 

Aside from football-related matters, the 30-year-old’s off-field life also receives its fair share of attention, which is only natural, as the Brazilian is easily among the most famous football players ever.

Now imagine if a celebrity as popular and beloved as the Brazilian links up with a K-pop icon just as popular as him, if not more. 
Well, that is exactly what happened last night, as Neymar crossed paths with Lisa.

For the unacquainted, Lalisa Manobal, or her stage name Lisa, is a singer, rapper and dancer, who’s a member of the hyper-popular South Korean girl group Blackpink. 

With many top-charting hits under their belt, the group have shot to immense fame, and as such, every individual member has turned into a global celebrity. 

Her meeting with Neymar occurred yesterday in Paris at the Le Gala des Princes Jaunes charity event.

The artist was in attendance along with the rest of the group, and being a Parisien, Neymar also turned up to the event.

After meeting each other, the pair also posed for a picture, one which they shared with their legion of followers on Instagram.

Initially, it was a star-struck Lisa who added the image as her Instagram story, following which, Neymar reposted it on his story. 

It didn’t take long for the picture to go viral, as Neymar fans and K-pop stans collectively lost their minds online.

If viewed from a distance, this may just seem like an ordinary meeting between a music artist and a footballer.

But when you factor in the sheer popularity of the two figures involved, the link-up really does come off as unique.