Graphic designer hits it out of the park with these holographic kits for Liverpool, BVB, PSG, Juve and Madrid

A kit that gets unanimously appreciated by fans has become rare these days. For quite some time now, clubs and kit manufacturers have been playing it safe.

The kits have become repetitive and fail to create much excitement among the fanbase.


That’s where the fan-made concept kits come in. They are usually expressive, bold and not afraid to take risks and experiment.

The rise of social media surely has aided to take the fan-made concept kits to new heights.

Freelance graphic designers are free to run their imagination and not bound by the constraints imposed by the corporates at big companies.

Case in point, these gorgeous kits designed by Netherlands based Ché Heijnen.

The much-acclaimed graphic designer has given a holographic touch to the jerseys of last season and the results can be seen below.

The iridescent look of the Liverpool, Borussia Dortmund, Real Madrid, PSG, and Juventus kits is bound to capture your attention –

Can fans influence the official club kits?

Well the answer to this is, surprisingly, yes. But it’s very rare.

In 2017, Nello Carotenuto, a 21-year-old Italian computer science student helped design Manchester United’s third kit.

He won the competition called ‘The Creator Studio’ launched by Adidas that allowed fans to submit their designs with a chance to design an away kit for one of the Manchester based club.


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