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(Photo) Gabriel Martinelli looks jacked as Arsenal star posts workout snap on Instagram

(Photo) Gabriel Martinelli looks jacked as Arsenal star posts workout snap on Instagram

Arsenal this season have, yet again, found themselves in a turbulent campaign with inconsistent results being their downfall.

Despite this, they have managed to find some solace in one aspect – their burgeoning roster of youthful talents.

The Gunners now have a plethora of budding superstars in the likes of Bukayo Saka and Kieran Tierney. The standout performer among them, however, is most certainly the influential Gabriel Martinelli.

The Brazilian forward, only twenty years of age, is already a footballing virtuoso. The lad oozes technical ability while on the ball and is no slouch off it either. Many supporter believe that in time, he could very well become a club legend.

However, one qualm from Arsenal fans has been that Martinelli is not quite as physically competent as other players in the league.

The evidence is provided by photos that show how skinny he was while at his former club Ituano.

A Stark Transformation

Of course, since his transfer to North London, Martinelli has steadily been working on his strength and fitness. Fans observed some genuine progress during training in February, where he looked significantly fitter.

However, the results have truly started showing in the last month or so.

Left to his own devices due to the ongoing quarantine, Martinelli has found ample time to concentrate on honing his body. And boy, did it work.

A photo shared on on his Instagram account shows the lad in a tank top, handling weights. There is no point in denying it – he looks absolutely chiseled and bulked up.

He looks a different man in comparison to the stripling he used to be just a year ago. In fact, one user even likened his present ripped physique to a young Cristiano Ronaldo.

All in all, Arsenal fans are delighted that Martinelli has decided to not slack off. Instead, he’s focussing on his weaker areas to improve his overall game.