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Fans lambast Arsenal target Thomas Partey’s agent for sharing an ‘unprofessional’ Instagram story

Fans lambast Arsenal target Thomas Partey’s agent for sharing an ‘unprofessional’ Instagram story

Thomas Partey has been the subject of a fantastic amount of rumours regarding his transfer status recently.

The Ghanaian defensive midfielder has had a stellar season so far. He has competently marshaled Atletico Madrid’s backline with ease as they have conceded just 21 goals in 27 games. 

However, a lacklustre strike force has seen the Rojiblancos flounder to just sixth in the league, behind Sociedad and Getafe. This has led to rumours of quite a few players parting ways with the club, and Partey is no exception.

The 26 year old has been connected with various big clubs such as Bayern and Manchester United. Most recently though, it is Arsenal that he has been heavily linked to and many feel that Partey could be moving to the Emirates this summer.

So far, however, his camp has stoically refused to confirm about any of his prospects.

JJ Sports’ Faux Pas

This all changed today, when his agents decided to indulge in some very uncharacteristic behaviour. 

JJ sports, the firm representing the player, put on their Instagram story a post from Transfermarkt’s page. The post in question beckons fans to give their opinion on which club Partey could possibly join this summer.

However, the post was made solely for speculation among fans, which is why an official representative for the player doing so is highly irregular.

Many even opine that the firm is wholly in the wrong for blatantly provoking Atletico’s administration in this manner.

They see it as an obvious attempt to prod the management at the Wanda Metropolitano into giving Partey better wages, or even letting him go completely.

Fans were understandably miffed by the firm’s actions, and they vented their ire about the issue on Twitter.

Many believed that whatever chances Partey had of staying at the club could now be quashed by such needless provocation.

And, even if he does decide to stay, Partey would surely be embarrassed by this public gaffe from his management.

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