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The mysterious new girlfriend in Arsenal midfielder Thomas Partey’s life

The mysterious new girlfriend in Arsenal midfielder Thomas Partey’s life

Thomas Partey has seen a rejuvenation this season. It is fair to say that his performances last season were disappointing with regards to the price Arsenal had paid for him and expectations from him. Yet the Ghanaian midfielder has turned things around this season.

Arsenal’s best run of form came when he was heralding their midfield. For Mikel Arteta’s high-pressing tactics to work, Partey is key. Arsenal’s 5 match losing streak coincided with the midfielder’s injury in their 3-0 loss to Crystal Palace. While the club has regained their form and may return to the Champions League after 5 years, Partey’s presence is still missed.

However, it’s not only on the pitch where we can see a change with Partey. Recently a video has spread on social media where the Arsenal number 5 can be seen with his new partner. Fans on social media are abuzz discussing who this new woman in his life could be.

According to Ghanaweb, this mystery woman has been recognised as a Moroccan named Sara Bella. While some fans have taken to the news lightly, and have at most reacted to this news with light-hearted jokes, some fans have not had the same reaction.

A section of football fans has criticised Partey for leaving his Ghanaian ex-girlfriend. They feel it is not right that the player is dating someone of another nationality. Many are connecting this with a trend of African players dating and marrying people from other ethnicities or races. Some are even going as far as to allege that the player was caught cheating.

Some fans have come to his defence, stating he has the right to be in a relationship and rightly so. None of us knows the full story behind this relationship to be making strong, especially negative judgements. What’s important is that everyone involved is happy. As is the case with most people, having a good relationship with one’s partner or spouse can help bring stability to other parts of their life as well. We hope both Partey and Sara bring much joy and support to each other’s lives and have a lovely long-lasting relationship.