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How Karim Benzema showed his growing friendship with strike partner Vinicius on Instagram

Recently Karim Benzema shared a story featuring a jersey with the “Vinzema 29” written on it. The post is being shared across social media by Real Madrid fans who are loving the growing bond between Benzema and Vinicius Junior. According to, the two players share 89 goal contributions which has led to Real Madrid winning their 35th league title and reaching the Uefa Champions League final again.

Often the two players have helped each other score, as was seen during the knockout phase of this season’s Champions League. From Benzema’s post, one can concur that their bond is growing beyond the pitch as well. This is in stark contrast to last season when Benzema was famously caught telling Ferland Mendy to not pass to Vinicius Junior since he was playing “against them”.

However, this exchange now seems to be in the past. Thankfully for the player and club, Vinicius Junior is showing the potential Madrid saw in him when they signed him. If it weren’t for Benzema’s crazy form, perhaps a case could have been made for him being the Real Madrid Player of the Season candidate.

Benzema’s post has also been taken by some fans as hinting at Kylian Mbappe’s arrival. Mbappe has been linked to Real Madrid ever since he joined PSG. It is football’s worst kept secret that the French forward’s dream club is Real Madrid. The two players are already linking up for the national team, and some feel they may be doing so at the club level as well very soon.

However, some have also taken to mocking Mbappe, alleging that he is missing out on the duo’s success. Recently there are rumours that Mbappe may renew with PSG for a record-breaking new deal which sees him extend his contract for two more years. While nothing is certain, and Real Madrid still seems to be the favourite to sign him this year, clearly, some fans haven’t taken kindly to the news.

Irrespective of Mbappe joining or not, Madrid fans are excited about the future. Vinicius is only 21 years old and Benzema while 13 years older than the Brazillian does not seem to be slowing down any time soon. Mbappe joining this duo in attack won’t bode well for other clubs in Europe, who may have to bear with Madrid’s dominance in the Champions League for another decade.