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Here’s Why Mikel Arteta Playing Buddy With Thomas Partey Was Hard to Watch

Here’s Why Mikel Arteta Playing Buddy With Thomas Partey Was Hard to Watch

If a few weeks ago some crazy fan would have prophesied that Arsenal will sit at the top of the table after three-game weeks, he would have been taken apart by the football netizens.

However, at this hour, this insane fan can walk with his collars up and a smile of pride.

Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal is on the verge of something extraordinary this season. From what we have seen, the Gunners appear as a recharged side coming out of their dormant state.

Good signings, impeccable man management by the gaffer, and a balanced squad have all worked in favour of the Gunners.

The system is working. The fans are in dreamland and hope that this rosy reality does not end.

But beneath this tantalizing brand of football that appeals to everyone, there is a stink that is fighting to come out, a situation that has been subdued and overlooked by everyone, including Arteta.

After their euphoric win against Bournemouth, Arsenal collected another three points away from home. The mood was pally, and the gaffer took the field congratulating and motivating the players after the victory.

But heeded a certain amount of his affection towards the Ghanaian international, Thomas Partey who excelled in his duties in the midfield for the Gunners.

Arteta was smiling, all jovial while imparting some post-match advice to the Ghanaian.

Every Arsenal fan would have been happy witnessing their manager getting friendly with his player, but the horrors of the past (alleged) caught up pretty quickly.

Arteta was slammed on Twitter for playing ‘buddy’ with Partey. The reason you ask? It’s harrowing.

Partey was recently accused of rape by his girlfriend Sara Bella. The situation went to such an extent that the Ghanaian excused himself from Arsenal’s pre-season schedule in Germany, citing that he had to tend to personal affairs.

Soon, another woman accused Partey of the same ordeal by sharing their private chats. She claimed Partey took advantage of her inebriated state and assaulted her.

However, the charges have not been yet proved against Partey but it was enough to put him into the arena of Benjamin Mendy and Mason Greenwood, who are both dealing with charges of rape and assault, respectively.

So when Arteta embraced Partey after the game against Bournemouth, the reactions from the fans were nothing short of anger and disgust.

Arteta’s double standards were called into question for making Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s life a living hell when he was late for training during his Arsenal days while the 29-year-old Ghanaian received a warm hug. 

Arteta looks like he has turned a blind eye to Partey’s situation and will continue to play him till the time he reaps benefits.

Such adversity should be called out by the fans but going by the logic of ‘Innocent until proven guilty,’ Arteta will surely keep his mouth shut about Partey. 

Meanwhile, Arsenal continues their winning momentum in the Premier League, but a bigger test against quality teams will only prove their mantle.