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Does Mikel Arteta Have a Haircare Routine? Former Teammate Spills the Beans

Does Mikel Arteta Have a Haircare Routine? Former Teammate Spills the Beans

Mikel Arteta comes off as one of the most well-presented managers in the Premier League. He takes extra care to maintain his good looks and is extremely well groomed, despite all the tensions of being Arsenal manager.

Interestingly, it appears that his hairstyle might be completely natural. Arteta has always been very careful in keeping his hair short and sweet. It looks like he doesn’t really spend much on maintenance either.

The Spaniard’s former teammate at Arsenal, Wojciech Szczesny, has recently revealed about his interesting haircare routine. In a recent Q&A, he was asked about any ‘secrets’ to keeping himself well presented at all times.

Szczesny ended up using Arteta as a possible inspiration for that. He also revealed a hilarious little story involving the Arsenal gaffer.

The Polish keeper said: “I used to play with Mikel Arteta, who is now the Arsenal coach. He used to head the ball and his hair would never move out of place. I asked what he uses in his hair, and he told me he didn’t use anything. I touched it and it looked like a rock.”

Now, it’s almost impossible for footballers to head the ball and keep their hair exactly in the same place. So Arteta might actually have some crazy special genes to have such a perfect hairline that many people might be envious of.

Amid this, fans also dug up an old video of a hilarious skit that the Arsenal gaffer once did with his hair. In the video, he can be seen spraying some hair spray on his head and saying ‘I can’t change that my hair is perfecto’.

Well, the Arsenal gaffer doesn’t seem shy about having perfect hair. The fact that he can keep such an ideal hairstyle without ever using anything is also probably something that can annoy a lot of the other managers with receding hairlines.