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Viral Video Shows Young LCFC Fan Get Under the Skin of Grown Stoke Supporters

Viral Video Shows Young LCFC Fan Get Under the Skin of Grown Stoke Supporters

A few Stoke City supporters completely lost their heads at the King Power Stadium during their loss to Leicester City at the weekend. This was also because of the weirdest reason possible. After seeing their side produce another stinker, the travelling supporters’ mood was red hot.

Amid this, two Stoke fans saw something that pushed them over the edge. This was seeing a young Leicester City fan happy about his side’s win. A child, who doesn’t look to be over 10, had some fun with the visiting supporters at the stadium.

In one section of the stadium, the travelling supporters have some home fans situated right beside them. In that area, a Leicester fan captured footage of two Stoke fans being triggered by the home faithful. The footage starts off by showing two Stoke fans to have absolutely lost their minds.

They can be seen shouting expletives at someone in the home end and being very angry at something seen in the other section. However, as the camera pans to the home end, it shows a young child mocking the Stoke fans by simply making a 1-0 point using his fingers.

The Stoke fans are absolutely infuriated here, threatening to beat up the young fan and abusing him. Ultimately, a steward comes over to ask the Stoke fans to calm down and also tells the young child to stop mocking them.

This hilarious incident is probably the best form of English football banter you’ll ever see. Fans are absolutely loving what they’ve seen and lament the attitude of the grown men for shouting at a child.

Some debate that this is exactly what makes the UK football banter so good. In more than one way, this footage is proof of the wild stuff you might see in an English football game. It appears that stuff that happens in the stands is possibly more entertaining than what goes on the pitch!