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Leicester City Steward Accused of Kicking Everton Fan Out of PL Clash Because of Her Baby

Leicester City Steward Accused of Kicking Everton Fan Out of PL Clash Because of Her Baby

The Premier League was the host of one of the most exciting relegation fodder clashes in years when Leicester City hosted Everton at the King Power Stadium on May Day 2023. It was an extremely entertaining game that had a lot of drama and was full of drama.

The game ended with a 2-2 scoreline, with the game being host to missed penalties, scuffed chances, injuries and totally end-to-end. In more than one way, it was a perfect game for the Neutrals and an agonizing watch for supporters of either club – who are currently steering dangerously near the relegation zone.

The Everton fans ended up having a last laugh as they went away from the game with a point despite being 2-1 down at half-time. Leicester, for the time being, are still ahead of them and above the relegation zone.

While the Leicester and Everton fans witnessed the entire game with their breaths held, one particular Everton supporter was robbed of the thrill of watching such an action-packed game. Indeed, a female Everton fan who travelled for the game with three children was not allowed to watch the game inside the stadium in strange circumstances.

The fan, named Chloe, took to Twitter to detail how her evening went at the King Power Stadium. She was allowed to enter the ground with her three children, which include a six-month-old baby as well. Chloe had tickets for all her children and for herself, but was asked to evict her place in the stands thirty minutes into the game.

A steward of the stadium asked the Everton fan to get out of her place and escorted her out of the stadium. She was kicked out of the ground because she had such a small baby with her, and there was no real reason behind that decision.

Detailing the entire incident on her Twitter account, Chloe tweeted: “30 minutes into the match…….. Just been kicked out of the Leicester v Everton match by a steward called JIM DONNELLY because I have my 6 month old baby with me (who I had a ticket for). They had no problem letting me in with him and taking my tickets.

“My 2 other children are still in the ground. I have nowhere to go as I have travelled on the supporters coach. Jim Donnelly won’t even let me get my baby’s blanket which is on the seat in the ground as I didn’t know I was getting kicked out when I was asked to be spoken to.”

Chloe also added that she isn’t the kind of supporter who made a rare visit to the stadium, but an avid match-goer for Everton’s games. She described that the toddler sling to her chest was allowed in for games against Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester City through this season – but the Leicester steward refused to listen to her pleas before evicting her from the stadium.

The Everton fan’s experience has divided fans on social media. Some fans are condemning her decision to take such a young child to a 20:00 BST Kick-off game when the baby should ideally be asleep.

Some have also pointed to her how Leicester have a club policy of not allowing any child under the age of two years old to visit their stadium during Premier League matches.

However, other supporters have also rallied behind Chloe and condemned whatever happened to her – demanding that it must not be repeated anywhere else and for the Premier League to look into the matter. Leicester are yet to make any statement on this incident.