Liverpool forced to delete tweet after fans spot x-rated design in their tribute to NHS

Football has been on a break for the past one and a half months. The pandemic has wreaked havoc all over the world, and the situation in UK is no different.

The government and the NHS have been working hard to ensure the citizens remain safe. Their efforts have meant that people have been confined to their homes as they look to eliminate the virus.

Liverpool are among the clubs that wanted to appreciate the efforts of the NHS. They created an appreciation post in light of their efforts.

The photo that was posted had “NHS, YNWA” inscribed on the pitch. This was in reference to Liverpool’s famous slogan.

But, there was a minor gaffe. The photo also had a light design of male genitalia inscribed in between the message.

Eagle-eyed fans quickly spotted the inscription in the image. They were in splits over what they had uncovered.

Liverpool were quick to get the post deleted, but the damage had already been done.


By Abhay Kartha

I love watching football and my free time is usually spent watching the highlights of games, as well as updating my knowledge about what's currently happening on and off the pitch.

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