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IShowSpeed getting familiar with Tottenham is the new Topspur

IShowSpeed getting familiar with Tottenham is the new Topspur

Amateur football fan and YouTuber IShowSpeed continues to discover the realm of the beautiful game aided by his legion of fans. The unapologetic CR7 fanboy is slowly learning about various teams and players, especially through FIFA 22.

His encounters with various digital stars on FUT Online have made him familiar with certain names. 

However, his knowledge of their respective clubs is still lacking. 

Despite having come up against the rampaging duo of Harry Kane and Son Heung-min numerous times in the game, the American was unaware that they play for Spurs. In fact, he had no knowledge of Tottenham Hotspur’s nickname or its proper pronunciation. 

This came to light through a hilarious exchange with a fan on Omegle.

In it, the YouTuber can be seen in disbelief on hearing the term ‘Spurs’, while the fan simply cannot fathom his unawareness. 

Dazed and confused, Speed decides to ask a question of his own and says, “How you don’t know what Manchester United is?” When the fan clarified that she is indeed familiar with the Red Devils, the YouTuber emphatically states, “Spurs is not a team in the Premier League.” 

The discourse continues, with Speed even expressing his frustration over how “people from England are so goddamn stupid.” Eventually, some sanity returns to the conversation as the fan begins listing some Tottenham players. 

Her first pick, Son, was all it took. 

A smile crept onto the YouTuber’s face, as he shook his finger affirmingly, before expressing his realization “oooohhh Son”. Unfortunately, the oddities weren’t over, as Speed then did his best to say the word ‘Tottenham’, a pronunciation which left the fan puzzled. 

He continued to confidently say ‘Towenham’, and eventually, the fan burst out laughing. Speed then flipped out, ending the hysterical clip.

The video brings back memories of the classic ‘Topspur’ clip, which features a foreign ‘Premiership’ fan butchering the club’s name, eventually resorting to the term infamous term Topspur. Hilariously enough, the confusion in both clips is extremely similar, as both parties simply weren’t aware of who the Spurs were.

Unfortunately, just like its predecessor, the Speed clip provides rival fans with some high-tier trolling material.

Nevertheless, the exchange added another viral IShowSpeed to the long list, and hopefully, they won’t stop coming anytime soon.