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Twitter takes Martin Tyler to town over awful Saint-Maximin joke

Twitter takes Martin Tyler to town over awful Saint-Maximin joke

Martin Tyler has the honor of being associated with some of the greatest moments in football. The commentator has been around for decades and his voice has escalated some already goosebump-inducing moments.

The iconic ‘AGUEROOOOOOO’ has cemented itself into the minds of every football fan, with Tyler’s scream being as memorable as the goal itself.

However, even veterans such as Tyler can slip up at times, Manchester United’s game against Newcastle being an example.

Tyler was stationed in the gentry, commentating for Sky Sports’ broadcast of the game. A thrilling contest in its own right, the game featured many intense moments.

Only two instances seemed to stand out as far as Tyler’s work on the mic was concerned, and they certainly won’t be a part of the Englishman’s highlight reel.

The first one was declaring Interim United boss Ralf Rangnick the ‘Godfather of German Football’, which is far from accurate of course.

The other one came in the form of a zinger which completely missed the mark.

Part of being a commentator is keeping your audience engaged and drawing out a chuckle or two can play a huge part in that.

The 76-year-old’s highly unsuccessful attempt at this has caught the attention of many fans online.

Newcastle United winger Allan Saint-Maximin looked to have picked up an injury, which Tyler deemed to be an opportunity for some quick wordplay.

The Englishman stated, ‘It was minimum, not maximum’, he then proceeded to laugh at his own, an indication of just how proud he was of that one.

Users on Twitter were less than amused and devastating takes followed –