English football has had a controversial yet entertaining start to 2019 with the spygate controversy, which refuses to die down. After having been accused of spying on a Derby training session, Marcelo Bielsa confessed in their pre-match press conference that he did indeed send a scout.

Since then, he’s come under a lot of pressure from various Championship clubs who probably want the FA to impose a points deduction.

However, the Argentine hasn’t budged and defended his spying antics by playing down its importance altogether.

In an hour long press conference, Bielsa dissected Derby’s whole squad, season and tactics down to detail just before their FA Cup replay against Southampton.

Leeds, who continue to face criticism, do find someone respite in a few opinions and one of them is Danny Mills’. Mills rubbished the spygate controversy by putting forth his thoughts on how Derby should not be complaining about someone looking over their training sessions.

His view was wholesomely agreed to by Leeds fans who continue to enjoy the savage onslaught by Bielsa amidst of a supposed crisis.

Check out the video of Danny Mills ending the spygate controversy on Sky Sports below –

  1. A lot of sense. I agree completely.
    That is why the FA and EFL have not been doing anything up to now;This is not against the law.If they have an agenda against Leeds with the teams that have shown their true colours, and penalise Leeds they are up to a big penalty from the courts.
    Leeds should go forward , concentrate on their job and finish first and get promoted at the end of this year.

  2. You’ve got it bang on Danny, and they were in Leeds United transport on a public highway doing nothing wrong, as the police varyfied in their report, i think it did what it was meant to do, for some reason throw them in chaos, and make Lampard into the liar he is. I know they’ve been because I saw them before the first game he said after it came out , What a Pillock.

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