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Sheffield United fan claims that Leeds are badly run and don’t deserve promotion

Sheffield United fan claims that Leeds are badly run and don’t deserve promotion

The Championship is no joke. An unrelenting league with 24 clubs fighting it out to bask in the sunshine that is the Premier League. Of these 24, only the top 2 clubs at the end of the season are automatically promoted. Teams placed 3rd to 6th compete in the playoffs, out of which one team completes the trio of promoted clubs.

Given that the chances of promotion are at 25% for clubs in the playoffs, it is understandable why teams give it their all to secure the top 2 spots. While some clubs are grateful for an opportunity to prove their worth, others are disappointed on missing out on automatic promotion. With the 18-19 season coming to a close and race for the top 6 intensifying, emotions are bound to flow, come the end of the season when the top 6 are finalized.

Only 3 points separate Leeds (second) and Sheffield United (third). The two sides have been swapping places often this season with Norwich leading the way for promotion.

And the Blades were dealt a major blow to their automatic promotion hopes as they drew at home to Millwall after a late equalizer from the visitors. This provided Leeds the opportunity to put clear daylight between them and the Blades who are in third.

They graciously grasped this opportunity by defeating Sheffield Wednesday at home, on a day that saw the Leeds faithful go all out for their team; providing an atmosphere that can only be described as electric.

Sheffield United fans, on the other hand, were disappointed, to say the least. Devastated that their side couldn’t dismantle lowly Millwall, they feared the worst for their automatic promotion charge. With Leeds playing later and securing the win, it meant the Blades had to settle for 3rd with 4 games to go.

One fan, in particular, was disappointed, if not, fuming. Not holding back on his opinions and harsh words in an interview for a YouTube channel, he said he was not pleased with his teams’ performance.

He also went on to claim that Leeds are a badly run club and are unworthy of being promoted. He accused Leeds of much more, in a tirade that was fuelled by his team’s shortcomings.

Fans on social media reacted to this man’s interview, by labeling his comments as cringeworthy. Leeds fans were in shock of his comments, calling them disgraceful and delusional; and also commented on how matters are at Sheffield United.

It was evident that that fan’s comments were made out of frustration, but was he right to say the things he said? Given their new lease of life under Bielsa, is this going to be Leeds’ season after all?

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