Football statistics. There’s just something about the numbers that just gets the fans going. Some dedicate their life towards it, some make a profession out of it, while the rest are just left in awe of the numbers produced and their implications.

While the footballing community drools over individual stats of goalscorers and assist providers, which seem to impress with every passing season, other stats that leave fans speechless are those that pertain to a club. And with players’ stats, it’s always a comparison of the past with the present and the prospect of improvement in the future.

Club statistics, on the other hand, entertain the fans and leave them asking for more. One such club stat that has come to the fore, comes from the Premier League, finding it’s home up north in Newcastle. This statistic is one that leaves fans dumbfounded.

It just so happens that Newcastle United have copied their stats from last season over to the current season, after 35 games. Have a look for yourself as the Magpies have the same number of wins, draws, losses, goals scored and conceded and points accumulated in the 17-18 and the 18-19 season, at the end of 35 rounds.

The only difference between Newcastle then and now is the league position, with them occupying 13th currently, compared to 10th at this stage last season.

This is a mind-boggling statistic indeed, and it has got the fans pondering how such precision is even possible. Some fans are comparing this carbon-copy statistic to the movie “Groundhog Day”. The movie center’s around a man who is caught in a loop, reliving the same day over and over again; similar to how Newcastle managed to duplicate their stats from last season.

How Newcastle managed this feat, is a mystery indeed; but one that has left fans with something to talk about. Regardless of the creepy nature of these facts, the only fact that the Newcastle fans care about is another season in the top flight, secured.

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