Barca v Liverpool: The juiciest CL tie in recent history gets marred by indecent fan behaviour

Liverpool have had a stellar season so far. Their road to the Champions League semi-final has only been brightened by the fact that they have beaten a number of big teams to get over to this position, which included crucial victories over PSG, Napoli and Bayern Munich.

Liverpool will be hoping to maintain that form when they visit Barcelona for what should be one of the best games of football recently, between two incredible giants of the game at the moment.

Even though Liverpool’s players have arrived in Barcelona in fantastic form ahead of the first leg of the Champions League semi-final later tonight, the same cannot be said for the fans.

A recent video emerged where a Liverpool fan is shown tipping another man into a fountain, with the act also attracting some laughs from a group of people.

This act has attracted a lot of criticism from fans and other famous individuals alike, condemning the act as a disgrace. Liverpool CEO Peter Moore has taken up the issue on Twitter, stating that the fans should treat the city with respect, as it goes along with the ethics that Liverpool FC follows.

This event also shines light upon previous fan altercations that have taken place, in relation to Liverpool and the Champions League. For example, last season, Sean Cox, a Liverpool fan, was brutally attacked by some Roma supporters before their Champions League Semi-final clash.

With the police now involved, the club is yet to send out an official statement revealing the details of the event and the punishment that follows for the culprit.