Football fans loved Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri having his own little moment with the gold medal

Chelsea manager Maurizio Sarri was spotted getting emotional after receiving a gold medal for winning the UEFA Europa League 2018/19 with Chelsea.

A glimpse of Sarri’s season at Chelsea thus far

Chelsea have had a rollercoaster of a season.

After finding Antonio Conte unsuitable for the managerial post, Chelsea brought in the foul mouthed football genius from Napoli, Maurizio Sarri.

Premier League fans expected to see a breathtaking display of offensive possession football known as ‘Sarri-ball’.

However , the players at Chelsea Football Club often failed to deliver. They had a string of bad performances in the league.

Fans and critics blasted Chelsea for showing no spirit or passion in their matches. Sarri’s appointment faced criticism. He was often ridiculed by the media.

Euphoric scenes at Baku Olympic stadium for all the Blues

However, Chelsea rose above the turmoil. They produced a stellar performance to win 4-1 against a lacklustre Arsenal side.

They defeated them to be crowned champions of the Europa League .

The Baku Olympic Stadium saw a wild, euphoric Chelsea team celebrating with abandon yesterday.

Arsenal put up a mediocre performance. On the other hand, Chelsea played with a passion that seemed missing in them for a very long time.

Chelsea players and staff embraced each other and showed love to their fans after the match.

As they lifted the Europa Cup, their faces could not hide the pure joy and pride after a difficult season.

However , most fans did not notice another heartwarming sight that was taking place behind the wild celebrations.

Maurizio Sarri was not in the thick of the celebrations. Instead, he was quietly admiring his gold medal. It was the first trophy he had won in his 29 years as a professional football coach.

Fitting result for a man who loves the game with all his heart.

Sarri is a true football genius and his philosophy of the game has won him praise from numerous critics and colleagues.

Perhaps the only flaw in his dynamic and beautiful career was his lack of a major trophy in professional football.

Maurizio is known to be foul mouthed and rough at times on the players. Consequently, the media often call him inhuman and inflexible.

However the video clip shows this softer, more human side of the great coach. He worked as a bank manager before deciding on becoming a football coach.

After toiling and persevering for decades, Maurizio Sarri finally won professional silverware.

Without a doubt , this was an accolade that he had waited deservedly for.

It was a fitting result for a man who loves the game with all his heart.

Sarri showed simple, childlike joy and admiration on receiving ths fruits of his labour. This scene moved fans all over the world. And perhaps this is all that Sarri wants, a validation to his own mastery of the game.