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Virgil van Dijk taking the mick out of England fans on Twitter after Holland win

Virgil van Dijk taking the mick out of England fans on Twitter after Holland win

Virgil van Dijk can’t do nothing wrong at the moment as he captained the Netherlands national football team to a win against England in the Nations League semi-final match.

VVD was also a part of the Liverpool team that won the Champions League final against Tottenham Hotspur. He is a strong contender for this year’s Ballon d’Or prize. Consequently the giant Dutchman has earned a lot of support and love from his fans.

However, it looks like there is just no pleasing some English fans, who embarrassingly and unashamedly booed VVD in the Nations League match. The Dutch went on to win the match 3-1 in injury time, and Van Dijk took a dig at the insulting fans on social media.

Indispensable for Liverpool and Netherlands alike

In his first full season at Anfield, Van Dijk played incredible football. He has completely shattered any old notions of defensive benchmarks and has set sky high standards for himself.

He has an incredible passing accuracy and has an incredible percentage of aerial duels won. In fact, the very statistic the not a single player has completed a dribble past him in his past 64 appearances for Liverpool speaks volumes of this monster.

Virgil was one of Liverpool’s most consistent and reliable players. He was rock solid in his position. He was indispensable to Klopp’s dream Reds team. An integral part of Liverpool, without him the Reds would probably not have won the UCL.

That is precisely why he is absolutely adored by Liverpool fans. Even their staunch rivals can’t help but admire the man’s brilliance.

He helped bring back the coveted trophy to England after years of Spanish dominance. The fans went absolutely berserk when Liverpool went on the victory parade, making no attempts to hide their adoration for the big man.

VVD’s ruthless determination is fearsome. He displayed passion while playing for the Reds, and displayed passion while donning the Orange Jersey.

Captaining this young team in the Nations League, he has defended like a demon throughout the tournament. They squared off against the proud English team in the semi-final.

In an embarrassing moment for true lovers of the game, certain English fans pathetically booed Van Dijk as he defended against England. Many Liverpool players and football pundits came out in support for the Dutchman.

Defending the world’s best defender

Chief Football Writer for The Times Henry Winter took to Twitter to call the selfish football fans out on their embarrassing behavior.

He was supported by many English fans too who thought it was stupid and insensitive to viciously attack the player in such a manner.

In a subtle dig of his own, Van Dijk wryly liked teammate Marten De Roon’s mocking tweet.

De Roon posted a photo of jubilant Dutch players after their victory. It was mockingly captioned, ‘I guess its not coming home’.

Van Dijk claimed that there was nothing that he could do for fans that booed him (MSN).

However it would appear that he has his own unique ways of taking the mick out on dissenters.

Check out a screenshot of Van Dijk’s Twitter likes below –

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