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The reason why Barcelona fans shouted ‘puta PSG’ when Xavi was unveiled at Camp Nou

The reason why Barcelona fans shouted ‘puta PSG’ when Xavi was unveiled at Camp Nou

Xavi Hernandez was unveiled as the new manager for Barcelona on Monday which marked the beginning of a new era for the Blaugrana. Emotions ran high at the presentation as the Spaniard was welcomed with a warm embrace at Camp Nou from his erstwhile project Al Sadd.

Culers were visibly exulting at Xavi’s words at the press conference, presumably instilled with newly-found confidence that the returning son of Catalonia could turn their fortunes around.

The clamour at Camp Nou, however, was a concoction of cheers for the legendary midfielder and invectives directed towards Paris Saint-Germain.

PSG recently onboarded Barcelona’s Lionel Messi on a free transfer, which left the Catalans reeling with sorrow. Messi’s presentation as the new PSG signing, earlier this year, was interjected by vicious chants of “Puta Barca” (F**** Barca) by the crowd gathered at the Parc de Prince. It was a jibe at the fact that Barcelona’s most decorated superstar left Spain to join a Qatar-invested club.

This understandably displeased the Spaniards owing to which, they took it upon themselves to return the favour roaring “Puta PSG” in unison, which resonated around the stadium.

The reason fans chose this momentous occasion to desecrate the Ligue 1 club and its supporters was that Xavi chose to work for Barcelona over Al-Sadd, another Qatar-based club, which gave the Culers the sweet taste of vengeance over the PSG fans.  

Seems like there’s no love lost between the two fanbases, which indicates that a new rivalry could be brewing between the two giants that could make for feisty encounters in the future, come the Champions League.