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Twitter reacts to furious moment between Raphinha and Ben White

Twitter reacts to furious moment between Raphinha and Ben White

Ben White came up against his former team for the second time this season as Arsenal travelled to Elland Road for matchday 18 of the Premier League.

The former Brighton player had spent the entirety of the 2019/20 season on loan with Leeds United, before his £50 million move to the north London outfit this season.

The England international proved to be an important asset under Marcelo Bielsa as Leeds secured a promotion, earning himself the club’s Young Player of the Year award.

During his short time at Leeds, White was a fan-favourite and seemed to have made a few friends as well.

But old associations were put on hold last night as White came up against his old teammates at Elland Road, the turf which was his own not long ago.

And as the match progressed, fans were treated to a spectacle that appears to have generated all kinds of emotions.

After unsuccessfully vying for a header in the opponent’s box, Leeds forward Raphinha almost came to blows with White, charging at him with his head despite standing short against the 24-year-old defender.  

The Brazilian stood his ground with a steady intent look as things heated up at Elland Road. 

The face-off, however, didn’t spiral beyond the two exchanging some heated words before breaking up.

The picture of the close confrontation, if it’s anything to go by, seems to suggest that there was no love lost between White and Leeds, and fans were evidently displeased with seeing him square up against a player representing his former employers.

Though, there were some mixed emotions from Leeds fans as well after witnessing their former beloved player square up to their current heartthrob.

However, Arsenal’s 4-1 victory on the night meant White had the last laugh. Arteta’s men have broken into the top-4 spot on the back of 3 successive wins, the latest at Elland Road included.

Leeds, on the other hand, having lost 3 games on the trot, finds itself only just above the relegation zone.