Is Divock Origi more famous than Thierry Henry? Arsenal legend ignored as young fan demands photo with Liverpool player

The legends of the game are undoubtedly universally revered, but there’s just something about a cult icon that stands out. 

Be it iconic moments, their reliability or simply their passion for the club, when it comes to these players, the ‘streets’ won’t forget. 

Examples are numerous, and a more recent one is Liverpool forward Divock Origi

The Belgian striker has garnered plenty of love from Reds, largely due to clutch goalscoring abilities. 

Jurgen Klopp’s go-to man when a goal is the need of the hour, Origi is often lethal as a substitute and has given Liverpool fans plenty of memorable moments. 

Liverpool fans famously say ‘Football without Origi is nothing’, such is the admiration for him. 

This clip captures the extent of his stardom, something which managed to startle even Thierry Henry

In the clip, the Belgian National Team can be seen exiting their hotel. 

Henry, who’s currently part of Roberto Martinez’s managerial team, can be seen climbing down a flight of stairs along with the players. 

A young fan approaches the players, causing the Arsenal legend to turn and take notice. The legendary Frenchman is probably used to being approached by fans and clearly thought this was a similar situation. 

However, he was in for a rude awakening as the young fan snubs him entirely and instead asks Origi, who was right behind Henry, for a picture. 

The moment had fans in splits online, some shockingly wondered about the supporters’ choice of snubbing a legend of the game, while others simply appreciated his determination to get a picture with his hero. 

Safe to say, Thierry Henry getting snubbed for Divock Origi is the last thing fans expected to see today.