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Liverpool confirms pre-season game in Singapore, but will you be able to afford tickets?

Liverpool confirms pre-season game in Singapore, but will you be able to afford tickets?

The adoration and love for football transcend national borders and so does its popularity. Despite being a global sport, the Mecca of the beautiful game remains in Europe. 

The standards in the top 5 leagues are set so high, that others have always struggled to catch up. 

Hence, international fans often travel across oceans just for a chance to witness Football’s biggest superstars. 

Fortunately, the prospect of pre-season friendlies brings the stars to the fans, as many of the European Elite travel to various countries to interact with their foreign fans, and even play against local teams. 

So far, the likes of Chelsea, Arsenal, and Manchester City, have all announced their planned pre-season tours. 

Joining them are Liverpool, who revealed plans for a visit to Singapore, to play against familiar opposition in Crystal Palace, in the ‘Standard Chartered Singapore Trophy’.

The Reds against Palace is a pretty standard fixture for English supporters and costs accordingly, however, the prices for the friendly have been deemed ludicrous by many. 

The ticket prices for the Liverpool v Crystal Palace pre-season friendly in Singapore

A pre-season friendly is essentially a meaningless fixture, and as such, teams often field XI’s packed with fringe players and youth talent, so you’d expect them to be priced accordingly.

Instead, tickets for Liverpool’s game in Singapore start from a whopping $149 (£86), going all the way up to $299 (£173) for the ‘platinum’ tier. 

Bringing quality football to international fans is an excellent move, but with prices like these, one has to consider if this is just an attempt to milk a club’s immense popularity. 

When the prices were revealed, fans online had the same reaction, and many agreed that the pricing was bizarre.