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The USMNT Concept Kit Inspired By The Declaration of Independence Fans Can’t Stop Drooling Over

The USMNT Concept Kit Inspired By The Declaration of Independence Fans Can’t Stop Drooling Over

One of the teams to keep an eye on for the upcoming Qatar World Cup are the men from America, aka the USMNT.

After missing out on 2018’s Tournament in Russia, the Yanks have clawed their way back onto football’s biggest stage, by securing a third-placed finish in their qualifying group earlier this year.

They were subsequently drawn into Group B, alongside England, Wales and Iran, making for some very interesting matchups. 

All eyes will firmly be on Qatar when the spectacle rolls around in November, offering the Americans an opportunity to make a statement of intent on the pitch.

New home kit

Unfortunately, they will attempt to do just that in perhaps the uninspired kits of the entire tournament.

Nike has let down multiple fan bases with their designs this season, but certainly none more so than the USA. 

Being an American brand, you’d expect them to do better for their home nation’s kits.

But Nike ended up disappointing even the players themselves

New away kit

They then went ahead and handed historical rivals England a better kit, causing even more outrage. 

Since then, Nike has been the recipient of plenty of criticism from fans, some of whom even took it upon themselves to outdo the Billion-Dollar company. 

And by the looks of it, they’ve achieved exactly that, through this incredible third kit concept. 

Created by @ChrisBunn21, the kit brings forward an opulent look, drenched in prestige and style. 

The core concept is a classic black and gold combination, one that can rarely go wrong. 

The Swoosh goes gold, alongside a monochrome USMNT badge, with gold trims on the sleeves and collar. 

The most eye-catching aspect of the kit is emblazoned all across the black base, in the form of the subtle white lettering. 

Dialling the ‘Patriot’ up to 100, the base features the entire preamble of the Declaration of Independence. 

At the risk of embarking on a history lesson, the Declaration of Independence was ratified on July 4th 1776, pronouncing or ‘declaring’ the independence of the Thirteen American Colonies, formerly under British control. 

With the context in mind, sporting this while facing off against England on the pitch would have certainly been something.

Instead, the Yanks will take to the pitch against England while wearing a kit that screams bland. 

Once again we’re led to ask, why can’t sportswear brands just incorporate fan designs from time to time? 

Especially since these creators simply do it better. 

At least the kit is deservedly going viral, while Nike are deservedly catching flak for their rudimentary designs.