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Look: Former Barcelona Manager Luis Enrique Looks Absolutely Jacked Now

Look: Former Barcelona Manager Luis Enrique Looks Absolutely Jacked Now

Like that dog your father never knew he needed, Luis Enrique has taken to social media remarkably well.

The Spain gaffer is known to be quite the character, and days before the World Cup‘s opener, he announced an endeavour into streaming.

He popped up on Twitch and jokingly warned the platform’s titans to be wary, before stating what his streams throughout the tournament will be about.

The former Barcelona boss will give a personal insight into his team selections and tactical decisions, a truly refreshing approach for the modern-day game.

Fan’s admiration for ‘Lucho’ climbed two-fold after that day, and any remaining naysayers seem to have been won over by his stellar social media activity.

As part of his technological embrace, Enrique also set up an Instagram specifically for the World Cup, and aptly named it ‘Luisenrique21worldcup22‘.

Commencing from his first post on 11th November, the 52-year-old has been uploading frequently.

Selfies, vibe checks, updates from the training camp, Lucho is doing it all, and he already seems to have picked up on a common Gen X trend.

Following what appeared to be a vigorous workout, Enrique posted a mirror selfie showing his jacked physique.

The reaction, as you can imagine, was shock and awe.

Just yesterday, he uploaded yet another top-less photo, with his frame looking even more impressive.

His preparations for the World Cup clearly included a lot more than scouting and plotting, Enrique looks in fine form.

Fans online were as taken away as we were, with many alluding to his age of 52, and how the fact makes his physique all the more incredible.

Ripped to the max, Techno-savvy, and a tactical genius, Luis Enrique is the ultimate coach.

His first post-match stream will likely drop shortly after the dust has settled on Spain’s game against Costa Rica, and it’ll probably be one worth checking out.