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Fans Believe Sandro Tonali Was Mugged Off with Wetherspoons Tip

Fans Believe Sandro Tonali Was Mugged Off with Wetherspoons Tip

Tim Martin, the owner and founder of the famous British pub chain, The Wetherspoons, might have hit many a headline in recent times for his thorough support of the Brexit policy. So much so, the very beloved pub chain especially by students and young adults, mainly known for its affordability, dipped into many controversies due to the treatment of its staff and the removal of many EU-based products. A staunch conservative, Mr. Martin had to whether it all.

Surrounding the recent controversies that shrouded the highly frequented pub by the majority of the common public in England, someone from the Newcastle United squad thought and delivered the perfect practical joke.

Sandro Tonali, the recently arrived Italian at the Toon side, did well in his odds of becoming a fan favorite by scoring within the opening exchanges against Aston Villa in a match that was dominated by Newcastle United. Tonali, controlled much of the tempo of the game as if he has been in this league and England for years.

While he dominated the game showing his tactical prowess of game-reading abilities, the newly arrived Newcastle star probably wanted to explore the place he is now playing football for. A good restaurant, therefore, is usually the starting point for many looking to explore.

The next chain of events probably has made him receive a cultural shock. If Tonali, went to Wetherspoons thinking it’s the best restaurant Newcastle has to offer.

Yes indeed, Tonali went to Wetherspoons.

To add further comical array to the whole activity, he even booked a table at the pub for himself, before arriving, all top-drawer stuff, done for high-class restaurants. Only Tonali was doing so at, as mentioned, Wetherspoons.

The restaurant as beautiful as it may have sounded to him in the description, whoever pulled the trick on him, upon arriving must have been a tad bit disappointed to find it was Wetherspoons filled with the locals. Nevertheless, the Italian posed for a picture with a fan while he was at the pub.

The whole scenario became a source of much-laughing discussion on the internet. Fans are sure it must have been someone from the Newcastle players who would have been the creator of, what seems like an almost certain prank.