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In-Game Photo Of Zinchenko And Tielemans Spawns Unreal X-rated Meme

In-Game Photo Of Zinchenko And Tielemans Spawns Unreal X-rated Meme

Aston Villa are in high-flying form, having beaten Manchester City and Arsenal. Unai Emery’s team won both games by a 1-0 scoreline, defeating both the Premier League title challengers in their back-to-back matches.

Both Arsenal and Manchester City were shocked by the rising threat that Aston Villa poses to their title chances with Villa climbing up the points table to third place.

Other than the shocking defeat of Arsenal, the game was taken over by people on social media. Memes were constantly made about Arsenal being an elephant on a tree branch. Another meme that got so much attention was from a moment between Oleksandr Zinchenko and Youri Tielemans. The pair were involved in a situation that had fans laughing.

A picture taken during the match shows Zinchenko pointing at Tielemans’ crotch area, which seemed like Tielemans was excited by. Apparently, he had a boner, and this has sent all of football Twitter to laughter. The whole of the internet wants to thank the cameraman who was able to capture this moment.

Both Zinchenko and Tielemans were seen earlier having a conversation with each other during a play stoppage when there was a referral. Now what actually happened leading to the moment captured in that picture is still a mystery, as none of the players have responded to it. But fans speculated that Zinchenko was pointing at Tielemans being offside and pleading for a free kick.

But the jokes and memes surrounding the picture speculate that Zinchenko was asking for the referee to give Tielemans a red card for getting a boner during the match. No one knows what made Tielemans excited, now that is a question only, he can answer.

Some of these memes get graphic comparisons like “Zinchenko warning the referee that Tielemans entered the match with a gun.” Some joked that Zinchenko wasn’t happy about Tielemans’ boner, so he went to complain to the referee. This led fans to criticize Zinchenko for his lack of focus in the defence and accused him of focusing too much on Tielemans’ boner.

While some others were wondering why the player was having a hard-on during a high-intensity match. A fan joked he got excited because Aston Villa were only 2 points off the top of the table.

Aston Villa has been compared to the Leicester City team of 2015-2016, becoming an underdog team against the other big clubs. Whether they can pull off a miracle story like them to actually win the Premier League remains to be seen.