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Everton fans are going to hate the absolute state of the Liverpool airport currently

Everton fans are going to hate the absolute state of the Liverpool airport currently

The Liverpool John Lennon Airport (named after Beatles legend) control tower was captured with Liverpool FC banners placed on the railing as the countdown to the final continues.

Road to the final

Similar to Tottenham, Liverpool didn’t actually top their group. In fact, they just made it out of their group after being level on goal difference with Napoli.

In the round of 16, Liverpool played out a 0-0 draw at home before beating Bayern 3-1 in at Allianz Arena. A comfortable 2 legged tie paved way for their progress to the semi-final where they pulled off a stunning comeback against Barcelona.

They went 3-0 down in Camp Nou before winning 4-0 in Anfield without star strikers Mo Salah and Roberto Firmino. Liverpool play Tottenham in the finals of the UEFA Champions League on Saturday.

However, this Spurs side cannot be underestimated. After an amazing showing in the second half of the second leg, Spurs broke the hearts of the young and impressive Ajax side.

Ajax and their young army knocked out Juventus and Real Madrid before losing out to Spurs on away goals.

Liverpool will have to prepare for a potential return of Harry Kane who has confirmed his availability. They however will be without Naby Keita and Firmino is doubtful but has returned to training. Liverpool have no suspensions for the final.

The control tower at John Lennon Airport:

John Lennon airport control tower covered in Liverpool flags
Via Reddit

“How good would that look if you were flying in to sign for the club?” – Liverpool fans are really liking and appreciating the act of the officials in the control tower.

Very well for incoming Liverpool players, yes, plus it would be a nightmare for the traveling Blues at the John Lennon Airport.

The whole of Liverpool (excluding the blue part) will be cheering on their heroes as they prepare for their 3rd European Final in 4 years.

Liverpool lost out to Sevilla in the Europa League in 2015/16. Last season they suffered a 3-1 defeat in the UEFA Champions League final against Real Madrid. This year, they go in as favorites and will surely look to claim their 6th UEFA Champions League title.