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There’s a bit of Celtic about what Kieran Tierney did at full time after Liverpool beat Arsenal

There’s a bit of Celtic about what Kieran Tierney did at full time after Liverpool beat Arsenal

Arsenal new signing Kieran Tierney showed some real class after their defeat was confirmed in the Carabao Cup fixture against reigning European champions Liverpool FC.

After a rollercoaster game that saw five goals scored by both the Gunners and the Scousers in regulation time, the result was to be decided by penalties.

Both teams started out strongly scoring first three of their respective strikes, until on loan midfielder Dani Ceballos missed his shot. The Merseyside team capitalized as it slotted in the next two of its shots neatly to win the shootout 5-4.

After having led for most of the game, the travelling Arsenal side was visibly distraught and seemed to head straight back to the tunnel after Curtis Jones’ telling strike.

However, recently acquired fullback Kieran Tierney took the forefront as he forbade the players from leaving the pitch, before gathering them all to walk towards the away fans section and express gratitude towards all those faithful supporters that had made the journey from London.

CELTIC ROOTS ON DISPLAY – Kieran Tierney calling on Arsenal players to thank away fans after shootout defeat to Liverpool

Considering it has been less than three months since Arsenal bought the Scottish international from Celtic, it was a pleasant sight for the fans to see the 22-year-old growing into the club.

Celtic are renowned for their welcoming fan culture and their fanbase has won multiple recognitions from FIFA and UEFA in the past and Tierney having spent 14 years with the Scottish champions, it was evident their culture has rubbed off on him.

Having provided a solution to their defensive problems as well as lack of spirit at times, Kieran Tierney has come to be loved by the Arsenal fans with some of them having already proclaimed him as a future captain of the London club –