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Aston Villa fan loses his job after disgusting slurs aimed at Liverpool fans

Aston Villa fan loses his job after disgusting slurs aimed at Liverpool fans

A distasteful post on a social media platform became too costly for an Aston Villa fan as his employer company dismissed him from his job on the basis of the post.

The chain of events started when Matthew Sabin, a self-proclaimed fan of Aston Villa, posted a tweet in the aftermath of Saturday’s Premier League encounter between Aston Villa and Liverpool.

Liverpool won the match by scoring in the final minute of injury time. Sabin, in his post, attacked the referee’s actions in an obnoxious manner. His attack on the Merseyside club and its fans were even more filthy and offensive. He even mentioned the Hillsborough disaster in an insensitive and hateful manner.

The wordings certainly did not go well with the Liverpool fans as they virtually gathered in numbers and contacted Sabin’s employer company J S Wright & Co.

The Birmingham based company readily took notice of their grievance and issued a statement where they distanced themselves from Sabin’s personal tweet and condemned the post.

Later they issued another statement where they reiterated their earlier position and claimed that Sabin has been dismissed from his job due to his inappropriate behavior on social media.

Sabin has deleted the controversial tweet and has apologized in another tweet for his earlier behavior. He tagged his action as a ‘heat of the moment’ error of judgment. Later, his page was found to be deleted.