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‘Matchday’ clip shows two Barcelona stars admitting they always pick Liverpool on FIFA

‘Matchday’ clip shows two Barcelona stars admitting they always pick Liverpool on FIFA

To say that Liverpool have been in fine form this season would be a massive understatement with Klopp’s men still unbeaten almost half way into the campaign with an astounding 13 wins in 14 Premier League matches.

While catching a glimpse of Liverpool’s bright red colors might bring back some unhappy memories for most Barcelona fans after the events of last year’s UCL semi-finals it seems two of their players have been taking advantage of the Reds’ prowess all this while.

Liverpool fans seem to have stumbled upon the fact when they spotted an interesting conversation between Ousmane Dembele and Carles Alena in an episode of Barca’s new documentary ‘Matchday’.

The episode which was presumably shot before last year’s semi-final clash between the teams shows the duo admitting to always using the Reds whenever they play the popular football sim FIFA while the rest of their teammates were watching Liverpool’s quarter final clash with Porto.

Most fans would also agree with Dembele’s acknowledgement of Roberto Firmino’s qualities in the game with the Brazilian playing a huge part in the Reds’ sucess in the real world as well.

The information that the star duo would pick Liverpool ahead of Barca, albeit for a video game, seems to have delighted the Reds supporters with one fan quickly posting a clip featuring the conversation on Twitter.

Most FIFA players would agree! Check out a clip of the conversation here: