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Who’s Pulling More Crowds in Thailand: MUFC or LFC? Klopp Demands Answer

Who’s Pulling More Crowds in Thailand: MUFC or LFC? Klopp Demands Answer

Manchester United and Liverpool are set to start their pre-season campaign with a clash against each other in Bangkok, Thailand. The two Premier League rivals will meet on Tuesday, 12 July in the Bangkok Century Cup clash as their unofficial season opener.

United and Liverpool have both received a rapturous reception from thousands of supporters in Bangkok.

However, an interesting debate has started over which of the two teams is more popular in the city. United arrived in Bangkok a day before their arch-rivals, with a large crowd greeting them outside the airport as well as their hotel in Bangkok.

The Red Devils received a massive ovation from their faithful despite last season’s disappointment. The likes of David De Gea and Bruno Fernandes seemed like the biggest fan favourites, while new manager Erik ten Hag also got a loud reaction from supporters.

A day after United landed in Bangkok, Liverpool flew in to gear up for the friendly game.

Unsurprisingly, Liverpool also received a large turnout of supporters ready to receive them as they flew into the country.

As they were about to fly into the airport, a large group of spectators flocked outside the airport just to get a glimpse of the players. In fact, some fans even sat atop a flyover just over the airport to have a better view of the incoming stars.

Similarly, many devoted supporters also assembled outside their hotel and delighted the squad as well as Jurgen Klopp with their fandom. This even sparked an interesting question from Klopp in his first press conference in Bangkok. Before it even began, he took the time to ask one question: ‘Was it like this when Man United arrived yesterday?’, he asked.

The reporters attending the events all responded in unison with a big ‘NO!’.

We are sure Klopp’s comment and the response from journos are going to kick off a raging debate on social media about which of the two Premier League giants is more popular.