Shocking levels of modesty from Sadio Mane as Liverpool star spotted using iPhone with a broken screen protector before Leicester clash

With huge contracts and endorsement deals worth millions of pounds it’s safe to say that professional footballers earn considerably more than your average Joe.

Most footballers aren’t very modest about their exuberant wages either and with the advent of social media fans have often been left stunned by the extravagant lifestyles of their favourite stars.

But despite playing for one of the biggest clubs in Europe Sadio Mane seems to be made from a different mould and was spotted carrying around an iPhone with a broken screen guard before Liverpool dismantled Leicester City 4-0 yesterday.

The Senegalese international was absolutely pivotal to Liverpool’s success in the Champions League last year and has already notched up 11 goals and 10 assists this term as the Reds march towards their first league title since 1990.

Fans seemed utterly shocked to see Mane walk into the King Power stadium with a broken screen after a photo made its way to Twitter and the incident should serve as a true testament to the attacker’s modest nature.

Check out the photo below:



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