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Look: Gavi Spotted Rocking Battle-Scarred iPhone Case

Look: Gavi Spotted Rocking Battle-Scarred iPhone Case

Barcelona starlet Gavi has enjoyed a solid campaign so far this season, having played a crucial role in the Bluagrana’s conquest for La Liga glory.

The 18-year-old’s rise to the top started with some impressive displays for Barcelona, following which, he captured the world’s attention through a memorable Euros campaign under Luis Enrique.

The La Masia product has effectively turned into one of Football’s brightest young talents under current Barca boss Xavi. And the ongoing season has seen him become a regular fixture in Barcelona’s starting XI.

With Gavi’a stocks higher than ever, Barca has wasted no time in agreeing a contract extension with the 18-year-old, one which will likely provide a well-deserved pay bump for the midfielder.

Fans online appear to be hoping that Gavi dedicates some of the money to purchasing a phone, as images of his present one certainly aren’t easy on the eye.

The discovery was made after Gavi stopped his vehicle to interact with some fans in Barcelona.

In the images captured by fans, his phone can be spotted tucked right below the seat belt, and it looks pretty worse for wear. 

His iPhone 13’s matte-glass panel appears to have taken quite the beating, with cracks and tatters visible near the top and bottom. The lower area looks especially wrecked, with some very prominent scratches and glass-shatters.

Owning a splintered phone is certainly on-brand for someone like Gavi, who is known to have a combative and all-action style of play.

Fans were shocked at seeing the state of his phone, with some questioning his decision to not invest in a cover, while others wondered why he didn’t buy a new iPhone.

Both queries are valid, especially the latter, considering the millions Footballers are known to earn.

Despite the heaps of cash, Gavi hasn’t pulled the trigger on a new phone just yet, although he isn’t the only famous Footballer to hold on to a broken phone.

Gavi Joins List of Footballers Who Refuse to Upgrade Their Phones

While the examples are many, two, in particular, stand out, beginning with Manchester City forward Riyad Mahrez.

The Algerian’s phone had a splintered back panel, similar to Gavi’s. Yet he persisted with it and even joked about it with a fan on Twitter.

Another prominent example is Bayern Munich’s Sadio Mane. 

The former Liverpool man didn’t just use a broken phone, instead, he used an outdated iPhone 7 with cracks on the screen up until 2020.

He had no intentions of switching either, and it took Gini Wijnaldum to gift him a new phone for Sadio to finally move on.