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Anti-Vegan Brigade Pounces on Photo of Erling Haaland Rocking 2 Pints of Raw Milk to Man City Training

Anti-Vegan Brigade Pounces on Photo of Erling Haaland Rocking 2 Pints of Raw Milk to Man City Training

Erling Haaland is a force of nature. A goalscoring machine. Last season he shattered goal scoring records left, right and centre as he fired Manchester City to a historic treble.

With 52 goals in 53 matches across all competitions, Haaland took the football world by storm, finding the back of the net with insane regularity and ultra precision. While he is a menace on the pitch and a nightmare for the backline and the goalkeepers, much of Haaland’s quality and attributes is down to his work off it.

It is no secret that Haaland is a firm believer in some uncanny techniques and practices that help him stay in top shape and form, both physically and mentally. The Norwegian believes in the use of natural and unadulterated substances that boost his performances with special emphasis on his recovery.

Going by the latest on social media, Haaland is seemed to upping his game as he was spotted carrying a gallon of raw milk on his way to training. A true Viking in every sense of the word.

After reaching dizzying heights last campaign, it was always going to be difficult for Erling to repeat his stellar season this time around. While that has proved to be true, injuries and niggles have been a major obstacle for Haaland to overcome with frequent periods of time ruled out of the game.

A mentality monster, Haaland will not simply accept his condition and is out to improve his recovery and strength through adding another organic source to his carefully managed nuances.

More than that, his faith in raw milk has sparked a debate on Twitter online about the efficiency of the vegan diet.

Haaland’s consumption of lean meat, loads of vegetables, fish and all good things natural and unadulterated caught the attention of fans and also dieticians alike. While it has helped him in his powers of goalscoring, vegans of the world aren’t impressed with his selection of food.

His allegiance to raw milk is no different. This time the anti-vegans had something to say about it. Many of the food philosophers online side with Haaland and project him as proof of availing the benefits of consuming food sources that are derived from animals. They are calling out the vegans for spreading misinformation and even governments for giving in to their demands. Following a practice is one thing yet propagating it is another.

Anyways, this switch is in a long line of routines followed by Haaland to preserve himself. He practices grounding i.e walking barefoot on grass to improve feet sensations on the pitch. He wears glasses that allow for blue light filtration to protect the quality of his vision. He also immerses himself in ice baths and sunbaths for adequate recovery. At times he uses the cryo-chambers too for his recovery and muscle repair. All these just to contribute to his unstoppable physiology.

Erling Haaland is proof that to succeed at the top level, one needs to make certain sacrifices and changes that compliment and facilitates it. Whilst having talent, Haaland works tremendously hard on himself behind the scenes as well and takes care of the smallest of aspects that can power him to bang in a few more goals.

In a age of PEDs (Performance Enhancing Drugs), Haaland’s insistance on natural and raw sources makes him unique. If his record is any witness, these routines however debatable and uncanny it may be, have proved to be fruitful for him and a launchpad for his unmatched athleticism, a crucial part of his game.