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Screenshots leaked as Man Utd fan accuses Luke Shaw of focusing more on his pro CoD career than football

Screenshots leaked as Man Utd fan accuses Luke Shaw of focusing more on his pro CoD career than football

Luke Shaw was the most expensive left-back of all-time when Manchester United spent close to £30 million to bring the England international to Old Trafford from Southampton back in 2014.

A promising player, Luke Shaw was touted to become one of the best left-backs in the world by his manager and coaching staff at Southampton; and a move to the Premier League giants could only ensure his growth and progress.

However, Shaw’s career has been marred with several lengthy injuries and he never looked close to reaching his potential.

He was often criticized by Jose Mourinho for being too lazy on the ball, unfit and slightly overweight.

He has enjoyed the backing of fans throughout his career at Manchester United, but after a recent tweet with screenshots, shared by one eagle-eyed user, several United fans took to social media to voice their frustration about the English international.

One would expect Luke Shaw to work on his fitness and stamina levels by hitting the gym in his free time, but from the screenshots, we can see that Shaw spent almost all of his time on games like Call of Duty and Fortnite.

Shaw spent a total of 74,800 minutes on CoD and 18,780 minutes on Fortnite, compared to the meager 9,389 minutes for Manchester United.

This isn’t what any manager would expect from the world’s highest-paid left-back.

The Twitter user also accused Shaw, (who played under the name of Roasty) of paying others to play the game on his behalf to boost his ranking on the leaderboard.

While Shaw is free to do whatever he wishes in his time-off, he isn’t expected to waste it playing games online, when he has his fitness and recovery concerns to address.

Shaw has been slammed by several fans on Twitter after the Old Trafford faithful found out about Shaw’s hobby and called him out on it furiously.

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