(Video) Mario Vrancic bends in a crunching free kick during Spurs friendly


Spurs played Norwich City in a friendly at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on Friday.

Strangely enough, the game went on for a total of two hours, played over four quarters of 30 minutes.

Jose Mourinho’s men took the lead early through Erik Lamela.

However, the Canaries fought back as Josip Drmic scored an equalizer followed by a sumptuous free-kick from Mario Vrancic for the winner.

Mourinho would hope that the outing against Norwich would be enough for his players.

It is unlikely that another friendly match would take place after the initially scheduled game against Championship side Reading got canceled ahead of Friday’s Premier League clash against Manchester United.

By Prabhat Vaibhav

A Bavarian through and through. Always appreciate quality football, wherever it may come from. Premier League and Bundesliga are my jam.

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