‘Football is becoming a farce’ as Nani receives the most atrocious red card in MLS

Premier League fans are no strangers to atrocious calls from referees and it seems the situation is no different in USA as well.

Former Manchester United player Nani was left in tears as he was given his marching orders for an aggressive challenge last night.

The Portuguese winger, who is currently on the roster at Orlando City, was shown a straight red card by referee Ramy Touchan.

With 52 minutes in the clock and Orlando leading the game 1-0 against Columbus Crew, Nani was initially given a yellow for his challenge on Artur.

The referee then changed his decision to red upon consultation with VAR when the replays clearly showed that Nani cleanly got the ball.

It is quite baffling to think how both VAR and the referee spent 5 minutes looking at the tackle and then deemed it red.