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Sadio Mane considering investing in a fourth division club in France

Sadio Mane considering investing in a fourth division club in France

Besides being a global football icon and a role model in his own country, Sadio Mane is well known for being a grounded individual and one of the humblest personalities in the game.

The Senegalese forward is known for humiliating defenders with his raw pace on the pitch, but his off-the-pitch demeanour is one of a superstar who has not forgotten his roots.

The Liverpool winger has been recently reported to be working on investing in Bourges Foot, a football club which plays in the fourth division of France.

Bourges Foot is an amateur club founded in 1983, and they play in the Championnat National. Yann Galut, the mayor of Bourges has confirmed that Mane has ambitions to invest in the club after meeting with him multiple times since his election.

Mane has taken a close interest in Bourges Foot and the city of Bourges, to the point of considering an investment in the institution.

Mane is reported to have established a special relationship with Cheikh Sylla, the Franco-Senegalese president of Bourges Foot, who has admitted that the club have had contact with Mane who wants to build a project in the prefecture of Cher.

Mane has also commissioned several of his relatives to come and meet Bourges Foot, as he wishes to try and make the Bourges club climb the ranks of the French football pyramid and build a project with limitless ambition.

The pandemic has put a serious halt to the progress of the investment, as Mane was prevented from going to Bourges by the restrictions imposed due to COVID-19.

Mane’s desire to go to Bourges to present his project is well known, and there is a sense of mutual respect between the footballer and the club’s president, and they will soon reach some sort of middle-ground for Mane to realize his latest project and make it come true.