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Forgotten Tottenham defender Danny Rose looks a lot worse for wear now

Forgotten Tottenham defender Danny Rose looks a  lot worse for wear now

Danny Rose has certainly seen better days as a new photo doing the rounds online catches out-of-favour Spurs left-back in less than optimal state.

What happened with Danny Rose

The 30-year-old fullback has made 156 appearances for Spurs and is the longest-serving player on the rosters at the club but his fall from grace has been nothing short of heartbreaking.

Rose has been at Spurs for 13 years now after he joined the north London outfit in 2007 from Leeds United. After experiencing a series of loan moves, the Englishman was allowed to ply his trade at Spurs from the 2013/14 season and finally broke out on to the scene in 2014/15.

But things took a turn for the worse after the appointment of Jose Mourinho. Since then, Rose has gone and returned to Spurs after completing a loan spell at Newcastle United.

The fullback was not included in the Premier League and Europa League squads for the current season as the last update from Jose Mourinho revealed that Rose was ‘playing well with the kids’. The kids being the U23 side.

New photo on social media has fans concerned

Spurs fans on Twitter have been left worried as Danny Rose looked out of shape in a new snap that surfaced online. While accepting a painting from a fan, the fullback appeared to be a far cry from the person who was regarded as one of the best defenders in the world back in 2017.

It wasn’t long ago when Danny Rose used to completely own the left side of the pitch, from one end to another. His fortunes might be down at the moment, but let’s not forget that the England international was a menace for the opposition as he was a relentless figure on the left flank under Mauricio Pochettino.