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Jorginho goes ‘full Foden’ with new blonde look on his return to Chelsea

Jorginho goes ‘full Foden’ with new blonde look on his return to Chelsea

Jorginho returned to Chelsea after a very successful summer that saw him lift two European trophies in just under a month.

The midfielder first won the Champions League title with the Blues, followed it up with the Euro 2020 win with Italy, and looked delighted to be back at Cobham.

But apart from his increasingly high stocks, there was something else new about the Italian midfielder – Jorginho also sported a new blonde look upon his return to pre-season.

The first sneak peeks into the returns of the Chelsea players who went deep into their respective continental championships this summer saw the Brazilian born midfielder with a new look, that has since gone viral on social media platforms.

While some fans thought it was just a fashion statement, others have suggested that the similarities with the ‘Phil Foden’ look for EURO 2020 were not purely coincidental.

Foden famously went blonde ahead of the tournament and said that his England teammates decided to follow his suit if England did end up winning the championship at all.

But unfortunately for the Three Lions, there were no new trims for them as they fell at the final hurdle to the Azzurri.

Fans have suggested that Jorginho took it upon himself in a brilliant piece of ‘sh*thousery’ to impersonate Foden’s EURO 2020 look – proving that his commitment to banter is on another level after he was filmed singing “It’s coming to Rome” with Leonardo Bonucci moments after winning the tournament.

Jorginho was not the only Blue to return with a new trim ahead of the upcoming season, as he was joined by Chelsea defender Thiago Silva – both of whom later revealed on Instagram that their collective haircuts were part of a trend to bring “the creaminess” back to football with their new creamy, white-blonde hair.