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Twitter in splits as Spurs fan brings a map of the world to the footy

Twitter in splits as Spurs fan brings a map of the world to the footy

After a brutal 5-0 thrashing back home at Old Trafford at the hands of Liverpool, Manchester United made an authoritative statement of their own with a sublime 3-0 win away against the Spurs.

Clinical performances from the fearsome duo of Cristiano Ronaldo and Edinson Cavani, and a shambolic defensive performance from Tottenham ensured that the Red Devils took home the three points without fuss, much to the delight of United fans.

Besides the spellbinding stint of the players on the field, an interesting observation was made during the initial rungs of the match.

At the 11th minute mark as Luke Shaw progressed to take a throw-in, a particular individual in the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium was seen, over his shoulder, bearing a world map.

This peculiarity certainly did not go unnoticed and piqued the interest of the Twitterati, who were both, amused and puzzled at this sight.

Reactions swarmed in, and understandably so, as everyone tried to come up with their own versions of what possible reason could there be for one to carry their world map to a football stadium.

While most users were dumbfounded, one gentleman came up with the explanation that seemed the most apropos, or let’s say least whacky of all, concluding that the guy was probably just looking for his seat!

While their team’s below-par performance piled on the misery of the Spurs fandom, the eccentricity of this map-wielding fan certainly seemed to give them a reason to chuckle.

By the end of the game, Manchester United added a confidence-boosting away win to their tally, Ole Gunnar Solskjær was thrown a lifeline, and additionally, it was collectively decided that a new item had been added to the list of essentials one needs to carry to a football match, “keys, wallet, tickets,…and a world map.”