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Man City fan slammed for calling loudspeaker noise and light show ‘atmosphere’

Man City fan slammed for calling loudspeaker noise and light show ‘atmosphere’

While Manchester City continues delivering on the pitch, within the stands at the Etihad, the execution isn’t as mesmerizing.

Pep Guardiola’s men cruised to a 4-1 victory over Club Brugge on Wednesday as the Cityzens moved a step closer towards securing qualification for the next stage of the UEFA Champions League.

The performance of the players and the final scoreline was nothing out of the ordinary, however, what was slightly unusual was the ambience inside the Etihad Stadium before kick-off.

Amongst the few clubs traditionally mocked for their unappetizing atmosphere, it appeared that the club gave their best at creating a palpable match-day experience on Wednesday evening with a vibrant light and sound show, and blue flags being waived by the spirited home support.

It certainly got the City support excited, which resulted in smug tweets like this –

Though as good as their efforts were, the internet wasn’t down with the City fans labelling a combination of cacophonous music and shimmering lasers as ‘atmosphere’.

Football fans were united in their sentiment that any atmosphere created with the help of high-tech machines pales in comparison to the spectacle of hoards of rambunctious fans cheering their team on.

Here’s the best response to the City fan’s tweet –