Anfield Roar: The noise level after Arteta fought Klopp was loud enough to cause hearing loss

Mikel Arteta shouts at Jurgen Klopp at Anfield

Things got a bit too hot to handle at Anfield as two furious gaffers, Arteta and Klopp, locked horns on the sidelines over a contentious ruling on the pitch.

At just a tick over the half-hour mark, Liverpool winger Sadio Mane and Arsenal defender Takehiro Tomiyasu went head to head to retrieve an aerial ball, with Mane tumbling over the right-back.

While the Senegalese forward was penalized by the referee, Arteta strongly felt that the perpetration warranted a more stringent punishment.

All fired up, the Arsenal manager stormed over towards Liverpool’s technical area whilst hurling some feisty words at Jürgen Klopp, who was just as riled up at the incident.

The two were just about ready to exchange blows, if not for the pitch-side officials and assistants who intervened before a brawl could break out.

The whole of Anfield seemed to have gotten involved in the altercation, as evidenced by the deafening noise levels recorded at the stadium by an attendee’s Apple watch.

The fan tweeted an image of his device which displayed a cautionary notification from the new Noise app on Apple watches. The notification informed that the surround sound erupting from the stadium was loud enough to cause temporary hearing loss!

As far as the hosts were concerned, the clash did pay off in terms of sparking life into the contest as the second half of the match saw Liverpool humbling the Gunners 4-0, with the quartet of Salah, Mane, Jota and Minamino bagging a goal each.

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