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Newcastle United fans unveil most cringiest ‘richest club in the world’ chant yet

Newcastle United fans unveil most cringiest ‘richest club in the world’ chant yet

The football fraternity is collectively cringing over the crass new anthem released by the Newcastle United fans.

Not only does the composition tarnish several staunchly adorned personalities, but its puerile lyrics bring disgrace to the reputation of the club itself.

The recent Saudi takeover ended Mike Ashley’s 14-year ownership of the Magpies, and made them the “richest club in the world”.

Coincidentally, this is the very title of the new chant, which derives its inspiration from the riches that the new owners have brought with them.

The video features a bunch of Newcastle United fans dressed up as sheikhs, gathered around a woman who is bellowing the torturous lyrics off of a terrace, with the choir around her echoing her words.

The wordings went: “Cleaning our boots we’ve got Cristiano Ronaldo”, commencing with insults to CR7, followed up with jibes at Lionel Messi with the line: “Selling the pies we’ve got Lionel Messi”.  

Next in line was Victoria Beckham, who was disparaged with: “Washing the strips we’ve got Victoria Beckham”. Subsequent lyrics aimed at Pep Guardiola went: “Cutting the grass we’ve got Pep Guardiola”. 

Jürgen Klopp too was caught in the crosshairs as the fans sang: “Making the tea we’ve got Jürgen Klopp”.

The cacophony, unsurprisingly, ended as it began with the hubristic final verse: “We can buy your whole squad and your stadium too, we’re the richest club in the world!”

The provocative nature of the lyrics evoked the rage of the multitude of fan bases that it offended, as the tweet was flooded with exasperated reactions to the cheap shots that the videoed ensemble took.