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Listen to Declan Rice freestyling popular Vanilla Ice track on a Twitter space

Listen to Declan Rice freestyling popular Vanilla Ice track on a Twitter space

All spotlights were firmly fixated on West Ham star Declan Rice, whose dapper rendition of “Ice Ice Baby” stole the show on Twitter Spaces.

The Hammers’ midfielder took part in the latest trend #SingYouDialect on Twitter Spaces, which enables users to perform personalized versions of their favourite songs in front of an enthused audience tuned in to the show.

Since its launch, this new karaoke-like feature has seen a glut of traffic in the form of major celebrities ranging from footballers, pop stars, Youtubers, and even the former president of the USA, Barack Obama!

With all eyes on him, Rice rapped the verses of the iconic Vanilla Ice song with raw passion and a hint of personal touch, stylizing the main lyric to his signature “Rice, Rice Baby!” which rendered more than 75,000 attending listeners speechless at his skill.

Fans were mesmerized by his fluidity with words, as the English international scored a 10/10 on the vibe-o-meter with 100% fluency which rightfully earned him a rapturous round of applause from the creator of the trend, Jacob McLaughlin himself.

Amongst those blown away by Deckers’ gig, were his own teammates including winger Arthur Masuaku, revered television personality Jamie Carragher and former English striker Peter Crouch, all of whom tweeted their appreciation of the performance.

The gig also got a special mention on West Ham United’s official Twitter handle, as their midfielder-turned-rapper rocked the virtual stage.